Melbourne - Brisbane. Great old van:)

Organized by Mumle Frans Tyttebær
Im looking for one or two people to join me on a roadtrip up the east coast to Brisbane (or nearby). I've actually already done the roadtrip southwards with two ozi friends (one of which I bought the van with). I need to drive it back up to sort the registration out properly but loved the drive down so much I don't just want to drive it straight back up on the inland freeway. I imagine myself spending about two weeks (a little longer if we start surfing or something).

The van is awesome. Its older than I am (from 1985) but runs well and moreover has a comfortable bed (although three people gets 'comfy'), a built in fridge and oven/stove. It means coffee and toast in the morning:) It has a pop up so air comes through at it feels very spacious. It also has lots of extra equipment like snorkeling gear, a boat, fishing rods etc. Anyways we call it the feel machine for a reason.

Im a pretty nice guy (see profile). I am hoping to find some rather awesome people to have an awesome time with so please tell me a little about yourself, your interests if its all not clear looking at your profiles.

Hope to hear from you
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