Metin's saturday meeting

Organized by meTO Only
if you have not done these so far, join us.

where is the best Türkish Coffee on the ember in İstanbul ?
where is the best Sahlep(salep) in İstanbul ?
where is the best Güveç (Kır Pidesi) in İstanbul ?
where is the best place to watch the Golden Horn on top of the hill in İstanbul ?
where is the only one cable car (teleferik) in İstanbul ?
who is Pierre Loti and his very famous love story with Aziyade Lady in his famous house?

join us and learn all;


Here is the details

- to meet up "TURYOL Kadıköy Üsküdar Fery Station"
at Eminönü Bus Station in Eminönü at 19:00pm.

- to go to Eyüp Sultan Square by bus(it takes 15-20 mins by bus with one bus ticket from Eminönü to Eyüp)

- to visit Eyüp Sultan Square

- to eat Güveç (Kır Pidesi) (2 turkish lira) in Eyüp Square

- to drink Sahlep (salep) in Eyüp Square

- to go to Eyüp Sultan Mosque visiting Eyüp Sultan's Tomb

- to get on cable car(only 1 bus ticket) in order to go to Pierre Loti Cafe

- to watch the Golden Horn at the center of the Eyüp Sultan Cemetery

- to drink turkish coffee on the ember / turkish tea at Pierre Loti Cafe

end of the meeting, we'll get on the cable car again last time in order to get on bus to go to Taxim / Eminönü / Beyazıt / Aksaray etc.


we'll be in front of entry of
"TURYOL Kadıköy Üsküdar Fery Station"
in Eminönü


donT forget to join
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    thank u metin for this meeting

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