Minnesota TentSurfing Extreme Camping Blowout (Part I)

Organized by Peter DeMaio
Mark your calendars!

The Twin Cities Couchsurfers are going camping to Lake Maria State Park. I've reserved a group site that can accommodate up to 50 people for two nights (ignore the event saying it's only one night - it's two)! If more want to come, there's another 50 person group site nearby that we could also book. WOW.

Lake Maria State Park is located in Monticello, MN, a convenient one hour drive from Minneapolis to the northwest. Here's the address to put into your GPS: Lake Maria State Park, 11411 Clementa Avenue Northwest, Monticello, MN 55362, USA. Come Friday after work and stay all weekend. Here is the park map and some information about it: http://files.dnr.state.mn.us/maps/state_parks/spk00217_summer.pdf Our site is number G1, the Whitetail Group Camp. We could also get site G2, Oak Hill Group Camp, if need be. Ignore the address listed on the event page - I listed the address as "Minneapolis" so it shows up on the group page.

Activities will include:

- Bacon S'more makin' (this is clearly number one on the list)
- Boatin'
- Fishin'
- Hikin'
- Singin'
- Drinkin'*
- Swimmin'
- Stargazin'
- Percolatin'
- Dancin'
- Percolatin' Dancin'
- Bikin'
- Cookin'
- and much, much more!

Everyone is welcome to come - especially new people to Minneapolis who want to meet people and get more involved in CouchSurfing. Sign up here, and also on the Google doc saying what you'll bring: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0At2XA7wbmng3dHA3UnNZaExOalFzQ2tQOHBkTmpjblE&usp=sharing. Don't worry if you don't have any camping supplies. It's Minnesota - the average local has about 3 tents and 5 sleeping bags at their disposal. We'll be able to find things for you to borrow. Meals will be some-what pot luck style, with maybe a few people being responsible for each meal (these 5 do breakfast one day, another 5 do dinner one day, etc)

* Disclaimer: Officially, there is no alcohol allowed in Minnesota State Parks. Officially you can't drink. Officially. Wink. Wink. Just don't be stupid. If you're under 21, please do not drink. If you can't handle your alcohol, please do not drink. We don't want any issues. I'm sure this goes without saying for everyone, but you never know. We've had issues on CS trips before...not fun.

Also, I've already paid $107 to reserve the site, so I'll ask everyone to chip in a few bucks to cover it. With 32 people (give or take) plus about 4 bundles of wood (or more) that's $3.96 per person. Say $5 just to make it easy? I'll spend the extra dollar on beer. Vehicles will also need a Minnesota State Parks pass, which are $5 a day, or $25 for the year.
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