Multilanguage meeting

Organized by Ziyad Mayer
After a cool first Multilanguage meeting last month, here comes another opportunity to meet fellow language lovers.
When: Wednesday, 22nd May
Where: Zum Gangl on Unicampus, see here for details:

We'll be inside or outside, depending on the weather.

It is the place to be if you want to immerse into the sound of one of the languages that always fascinated you, practice that language that you couldn’t find a meeting for yet, or even offer your knowledge about “your”” language to others.

We will have separate space for different languages prepared,
And the following languages will be available for sure:
- French (for those in for the french conversation table, don’t worry, it will be there almost as usual :D)
- English
- Spanish
- Arabic
- Russian
- Esperanto

Of you’re interesed in other languages, just leave a message, or join us for the meeting and see what comes up :)

See you on Wednesday,

Etienne and Ziyad
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