Murdery Mystery Party!

Organized by norm.g
Enjoy an evening of "mystery and murder" @ Scenic Theater, 12 N Main St, Rochester, NH 03867, as we play in the "Murder Mystery Party". If you have never attended this party before, prepare yourself for an awesome good time, we will be playing in an old theater where "ghost's" have been reported roaming the building.

Some things to know:

Please dress only in black clothing.

You will be playing in nearly total blackness

This game is not a "board game" but a game where everyone attending will be actively participating in.

Wear comfortable clothing as you might be one of the victims and have been murdered and now are lying on the floor.

Every one playing will have the sheer pleasure of being the "Murderer" the highlight of the game.

If your afraid of the dark, do not come.

Please do not bring any alcohol to the party as you will need all your "wits" about you.

A $5 donation would be appreciated.

So come out and experience a new level of "fun" as we play the "Murder Mystery"

See you there if you "dare"...
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