Music (Indie / Rock) Concert at The old bar

Organized by Maria de Vicente
Four bands will be playing: The Sinking Teeth, Have/Hold, Ceres, and The Stray Melodics

This is the facebook event

Four bands, one venue that needs as much support as it can get at the moment. Hopefully this can be a big one.

The Sinking Teeth - Fresh off releasing their filmclip for Temporary Living, and seemingly the band everyone is talking about!

Have/Hold - A few shows in to V2.0 of this band. Currently finishing off tracks for a digital release planned for later in the year.

Ceres - Debut EP "Luck" out now. This band rules.

The Stray Melodics - A relatively new band, a few shows and an interstate trip already under their belt.

It's 10 dollars for good music all night :)
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