National Vegetarian Month - First Weekly Meetup Dinner - Oct 3!

Organized by Matt Alesevich
I just moved back to NYC after four years on the road, and I'm honored to be back in the NYC Couchsurfing mix.

For those of you who may not know, October is National Vegetarian Month, and to celebrate, I thought I'd start a little weekly vegetarian meetup every Thursday evening this month, starting this Thursday, October 3.

Details to follow, but if you're interested in exploring a new vegetarian restaurant every Thursday evening in Oct. with some like-minded folks, simply respond to this thread and stay tuned! All vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, frutarians, omnivores, herbivores and carnivores are welcome.

Whether there's 5 of us or 500 of us, I'll find a suitable spot. I'm thinking 7pm to accommodate us working folks and those of you who hit up the weekly Thursday meeting.

For Week 1, let's check out Buddha Bodai in Chinatown on 5 Mott Street:

Of course, we can wander out and make it an evening of it afterward ourselves if we wish to do so.

Okay...let me know if you're in and I'll make a reservation soon!

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