New year CS event!

Organized by Amitay Yaffe
Hello Fellow Couchsurfers!

Last year we had an amazing new year event at Hong Kong with Couchsurfers from all over the world.

This time we are going to have all the fun again - We will meet at "West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade" in front of the public toilets.

The idea is to be together, Drink, Talk and Enjoy.
So Bring your friends, Bring your Alcohol and just Be open as cool as you probably are:)

After the countdown and the fireworks we will head to LKF, cause we need to make sure that everyone are completely wasted!

About recognizing US:
We will be with either Balloons or signs of Couchsurfing.

P.S.: I reccomend anyone who can to bring with him or her sign/paper with the word "couchsurfing" on it. This way we will find each other easily.

P.S.: If anyone have any problem finding the place send me Private message.
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    I will arrive in HK from Macau after lunch time. If theres anyone fancy meeting me for a coffee or snack will be nice :)

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