Brooklyn Museum Party & Cherry Blossoms - New York Adventures

Organized by Tom Kincaid
Let's catch the start of the cherry blossom season in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens then head next door to the Brooklyn Museum for their monthly party.

The botanical gardens are famous for their cherry trees. It's a little early in the season, so they won't be in full bloom, but I think we'll see something. There are lots of other beautiful plants to photograph and enjoy as well.

We'll meet outside the main entrance at 150 Eastern Parkway at 3pm on Saturday. The 2 or 3 subway Eastern Parkway - Brooklyn Museum stop will let you out right next to the entrance. Admission is $10, students $5.

At 5:00 we'll head next door to the Brooklyn Museum so you can meet us there too. The museum becomes free then and has lots of great music, food, and drinks until 11. You can roam around and look at the exhibits or just hang out. It gets a little crowded so we might have to wait in line.

I'll be wearing a hat with "CS" written on it and will send my number to everyone who joins.

This is part of a series of monthly meetups for couch surfers. Each event will focus on a different activity that can be done for free or low cost. There are so many great things to explore in this city, both for visitors and residents, so lets enjoy them together!
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