Sleepy Hollow and Croton Aqueduct Walk - New York Adventures

Organized by Tom Kincaid
Let's get together for a day trip out of town to walk along the Croton Aqueduct trail from Tarrytown to Ossining. In the "spirit" of the season, we'll take a detour through Sleepy Hollow to see where the Headless Horseman rides.

The trail is basically narrow and flat and follows the path of the old aqueduct that brought water to New York. The actual aqueduct is underground, so there's not much to see of it, but the trail passes through lovely rural areas and small towns.

The whole walk will be about 7 miles or 11 kilometers, so we can take our time to enjoy the scenery and stop for lunch along the way and drinks at the end.

I need to limit the size of the group, but in my experience, I can't just set the limit to the size I want since most people who say they will come actually don't. So here's how the system will work. I will send you a private message on Couch Surfing. You will need to reply to this message to confirm that you plan to come. Then I will send you the details. This will allow me to get a semi-accurate head count and keep the attendees to people who really want to come. If you have an empty profile, I won't send you anything.

The round trip train ticket will cost $20. For people living upstate, you can meet us in the Tarrytown station.

This is part of a series of monthly meetups that will focus on different activities that can be done for free or low cost. There are so many amazing things to explore in this city, both for visitors and residents, so lets enjoy them together.
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