Nordic Walking (Marche Nordique)

Organized by Grzegorz Weber
Hi all!

I would like to invite you for my Nordic Walking Tours (Paris Pole Walks). It doesn't cost anything and I will provide Nordic Walking poles and sport class. But don' worry, it will be recreational walks so don't get scared that it will be too hard for you, I just want to practise my ability to teach Nordic Walking technique in English.

There will be set of 6 Nordic Walks for Coach Surfers in Paris, daily, in different places of Paris. Here is the schedule:

Tuesday, 14.May => Bois de Boulogne
Wednesday, 15.May => Bois de Vincennes
Thursday, 16.May => Along Seine River
Friday, 17.May => Bois de Boulogne
Saturday, 18.May => Bois de Vincennes
Sunday, 19.May => Along Seine River

If you want to attend one, any or all of them, please write mail to Unfortunatelly I have only 11 places so booking is essential. I will conform and respond to you telling where exacelly do we meet.

Have some questions? Write to Cheers and see ya!
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