NYC Museums Tour

Organized by Min Zhao
Hello. I am CS member in NYC. you can check out my profile. many of my surfers visited moma; guggemheim and other museums in NYC. I have yearly memberships to few of the museums. Each admission ticket might cost more than $20 if you go by yourself. For anyone interested to visit NYC's museums; I can help to take you in at a very discounted price; 50%! Of course we can grab a coffee and chat. I am doing this for the benefits of tourists (CS members) and of course it serves my self-interest as well. Believe this event contributes to fellow CS members. If you think this event is totally inappropriate; feel free to report me.

maximum guests I wish to take at any particular event is 3 people. (I can offer more if needed; but I like small groups; easier to converse.)
Only on weekend.
Available only to CS members visiting NYC

I can be reached via email:

or WhatsApp

feel free to drop me a message.
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