Party on the Ark (batcave dance party)

Organized by Sam Manson
Hey Couchsurfers and couch hosters, it's that time of the month again. The Batcaves Monthly themed party is this coming weekend So get ur animal costume on and come DANCE. Free entry Byob. Facebook says a lot of people are already coming so i can only accept a limited amount of peeps from CS

Calling all party animals!! The weather forecast for the end of the month is looking like some monsoonal rain, thunder and lightning with a high chance of party.

This month is a big one for the BAtcaVE. Two of our batty boys have birthdays coming up. Hayden's on the 10th and Phils on the 27th. We've decided to throw one big party for both of them on the 27th. Theme, Noah's Ark.

If you didn't get the "official" weather report earlier here it is again, this time less official. We got a shit ton of rain coming! more than the usual piss drizzle Vancouver throws at us,"Vancouver, be Prepared!!" IT'S GOING TO FUCKING FLOOD! everyone stay calm, the BAtcaVE has a plan. We're going to turn the BAtcaVE into an ARK, dress as animals, drink copious amounts of booze and dance until the rain and flood subsides.

Noah's Ark accepts all animals, mythological creatures,Dinosaurs, Jesus and Pokemon. Also the ark frowns upon interspecial mating, so if you plan on tapping that foxy lady ide suggest you change ur appearance to a fox. I hope this encourages some wardrobe costume swapping.

As usual, stretch up and Dance hard. Party goes from 8 till late
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