Pay-what-you-want Ashtanga Yoga Saturday sessions

Organized by Przemek Lenc
'Pay-what-you-want' Ashtanga Yoga
max. 5 participants,
60-120 min sessions
yoga mats provided


Facebook: 'Living Room Yoga Berlin'

Welcome to my Ashtanga Yoga weekly sessions

The aim of my classes is to teach you to develop and deepen your personal Ashtanga Yoga practice.
These weekly sessions will lead you through Sun Salutations, The Standing Sequence, Primary Series, The Finishing Sequence and introduction to Pranayama, breathing techniques.

For those who know the sequence I organize Mysore classes with appropriate alignment/adjustment.

Over time Ashtanga practice will stabilize your breath and balance, improve your strength, flexibility and detoxify your Berlin night-out lifestyle body. And mind.

Sessions take place at Eitelstraße 85, 4th floor, 'Lenc', 10-317 Berlin.
30m2 room can accomodate 5 participants and for this reason you need to reserve your place in advance.
One session lasts 60-120 min. More advanced the group, longer the session.
My classes are 'donation based'.
Yoga mats, tea, snacks on site
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