Picnic fundraiser in Yoyogi park

Organized by Ken Uchimura
Hey people!

Anyone up for a fun interactive picnic fundraiser in Yoyogi park this Sunday? Its been a while since the 3-11 earth quake and tsunami, however, still many many people need your help in Tohoku. In this case, the charity event is to save the farm that was created to give people from Tohoku a new livelihood. You can check out the event on FB below, or just check out the schedule to see if youre interested.

Time: 15:00 – 18:00
Date: July 21st 2013
Location: Yoyogi Park (by the dog park)


Event begins - Guests arrive: Find a mat to sit; this will be your station for the duration of the games. Please talk to your OGA for Aid staff, located by the balloon on each Mat. Each balloon = OGA for Aid staff, please donate and receive your T-shirts & Sunglasses upon arrival there.
T-shirts = 2500jpy
Sunglasses = 1800jpy
Pair= 4,000jpy
*Free Prizes, snacks, and other goodies to be dished out as the afternoon progresses.

15:15 - 15:45:
Mingle, eat and drink. Discuss with your team and decide who will represent on the field of battle! ;)
Each mat = 1 team. Your team may choose 6 individuals who will be "players". Your team may also choose a name.
Once you've chosen your team name and players, please be sure to let your OGA for Aid staff know. They will register your team into the games roster.

You have time to stretch and/or have another beer :)

Games Begin!
Piggy back race (requires 2 players) approx. 15min
Three legged race (requires 2 players) approx. 15min
Wheel barrow race (requires 3 players) approx. 15min
Jump rope competition (requires 1 player) approx. 10min
Balloon relay race (requires entire team-3 on each side) approx. 15min

As each player wins or loses they will withdraw from that particular race and stand in the sidelines until next game begins. Winners will be given a prize as they return to the stands, while we will heartily laugh at the losers! ;P Just kidding!
*time pending, we may not get to ALL the games.

You have time to freshen up before group photo

Group Photo (all guests and staff in the playing field center)

17:15- 17:45:
free mingling + GFA* photo booth picture taking (individuals)
*GFA is the project we are fundraising for this year.

Closing & goodbye
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