PICNIC Monday 3pm

Organized by Rodney Recor
le Paris 'PICNIC du JOUR'
"A Tradition in Paris since 2009"/«Une Tradition à Paris depuis 2009»

3pm MONDAY Commence a 15h

le Paris PICNIC du JOUR
Weekly "Pre-Quiz" Picnic
5 Aôut ~ Beginning env. 15h/3pm
Jardins du Luxembourg

3pm ~ Begins ~ 3pm
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    Come to the "Picnic du Jour", a daily old-fashioned Paris picnic for everyone, in a different lovely location around the city each day. This is the 5th year of the CS Paris 'Picnic du Jour'. Arrive at any time you want to... Meet other CSers in Paris, make plans, have fun! You can use the Picnic du Jour as a meeting point to get together with other CouchSurfers to go to other places. You can make contact with other travelers in Paris, find common interests, and make friends.

    Click this link for a list of ALL "Picnic du Jour" this week. Bookmark it! http://www.eneurope.net/CSParis/Picnic_du_Jour/

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