Polyglot - Many people, many nationalities.

Organized by CHRISTYKE
Hello Everybody! Come and practice all languages Free!

2 videos about Polyglot, this one is newer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYxNL7LEvS4
this is a bit older, and mostly in hungarian, but still you can get the feeling:-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W57_SMnoe90
and the meetings are in Világcsücsök (Váci út 50) for some years now.

Last time the place was again almost full. Last night we had guests from the following countries: Australia, Bulgaria,England, France, Hungary,Italy, Kazakhstan, Korea, Poland, Rumania, Russia, Spain, Taiwan and USA.

The atmosphere is always very good in this very cozy community place. You can talk about any topics, also there are hungarians if you would like to practice hungarian. Usually there are 25-30 or more people at an occasion, foreigners and hungarians mixed. We always have a good time getting to know other cultures, exchanging languages. Many Couchsurfers come every week as well. Let's give it a try on Thursday! :-)

Sponsor: Világcsücsök.
Every Thursday 7 pm.
Location: Világcsücsök
1132 Budapest Váci út 50. (doorbell no. 2)

Free registration here: www.polyglotclub.com
Facebook: Polyglot Club - Hungary
More information: polyglotclub.hungary@gmail.com

If you come by metro (blue line) from the direction of Nyugati, get on in the first carriage of the metro and just get off at Lehel tér walk up the stairs and as you reach the surface there it is the Váci út. 50 Building. If you come by bike you can lock your bike in the backyard.

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