Portuguese Cuisine

Organized by Mariana Estrelinha
Hey CS community in Berlin!

My name is Mariana and I'm Portuguese, currently studying in Berlin.
As I've been travelling, I started getting used to hear questions like:
- What do you eat in Portugal? Paella?
- Do you speak Spanish there?

Nothing against spanish people! (actually my best friends are spanish) But, as one of my passion is cooking and eating with friends, I decided to try to spread a bit of my culture through the places where I'm going... So, starting next Saturday (27th of April), I will cook some portuguese dishes at my place and let people fall in love with our amazing cuisine (hopefully)... Of course it would also be a great opportunity to know some people and have a nice time! :)

I wont ask for any money for dinner but as you may know, food as a price.. So I would be more than happy if at the end you could give some donations.

Looking forward to eat/it!!


PS: closer to the event and according to the ammount of people coming, I will post the menu, but it will always have a starter, main dish and dessert! All typical portuguese! In what it takes to drinks, you can bring your own! :)
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    Olà Mariana!

    Aqui um fan espanhol de Portugal. Gostaria de ir também! :)

    Até o 25!!

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