Prepare food and serve the community with Food Not Bombs!

Food Not Bombs is a service, a community, and a movement. It operates on the principle that food should be a right, not a privilege, and that our national priorities should place feeding the hungry before spending money on military ventures. Each different Food Not Bombs feeding is autonomous- there are no leaders- I'm just a coordinator.

We take food that would otherwise be thrown away, prepare it, and serve it to anyone.

This Food Not Bombs feeding is held at 16th and Mission outside the BART station at 7:00 on Thursdays. We also collect the food and cook it in our communal kitchen starting from 3:00.

If you can help in any way- collecting, cooking, cleaning, or serving- we will greatly appreciate it. You are also welcome to just hang out and talk to us and get to know the community better.

We welcome ANYONE to help us and/or eat the food we serve. We emphasize stability, nutrition, vegetarianism (though we won't turn away non-vegetarian donations), acceptance, community, and friendliness. More than just feeding the needy, we want to build relationships with our local communities.

The website for ALL San Francisco Food Not Bombs feedings is

Please message me if you'd like to attend, or check the website.
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