Pub Crawl with International Travelers

Organized by Cari M
Hi everyone - There's a pub crawl run by volunteers at hostels in SF so that there's a place for backpackers and locals to meet each other. The event gets a bunch of travelers from all over the city along with locals. Usually there are about 50-60 backpackers that attend who are staying at hostels around SF. During the crawl, everyone competes in a rock-paper-scissors tournament as we move from bar-to-bar so that it's easy to approach/meet new people.

Come join us, have some drinks, and make some new international friends for the night.

MEETING POINT: This Wednesday we meet 8:30PM at NORTHSTAR (1560 Powell St, corner of Green St, SF). Note: you must arrive by 9PM if you'd like to compete in the rock paper scissors tournament.

And please be sure you are tipping the bartenders!
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