"Questions to a Buddhist"

Organized by Vajracaksu Dharmachari
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If you'd like to attend this evening please send an email to the gmail address below. Thank you.

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An evening of meditation, questions & reflection (free)

Have you ever wanted to ask a real, live Buddhist questions? This evening you'll have just such an opportunity.

Can Buddhists have two husbands? How can I transform jealousy? Isn't Buddhism selfish? What can I give? Do Buddhists believe god created trees? What is a Buddhist attitude to lesbianism? Are Buddhists idol worshippers? What is the place of shame in Buddhism? Why do Buddhists meditate? Do Buddhists believe that god creates breast cancer? Do Buddhists have to be vegetarian? Do Buddhists practise confession? What is the most important principle in Buddhism? Is Buddhism a religion? Is the Dalai Lama a god? Why do Buddhists bow to statues of the Buddha? Do Buddhists sometimes think violence is necessary? How can I be happier?

What would you like to ask a Buddhist?

The evening will start by shaking hands with everyone and a guided meditation, then following a short tea break there will be a questions and answer session. The evening will end in silence and reflection.

Location: The Ortaköy Meditation Studio
Date: Thursday 27th June 2013
Time: 7.15-10.15pm
Maximum: 20 people

About Dh. Vajracaksu: Born and brought up in London, Vajracaksu is a member of the international Triratna Buddhist Order and he’s been regularly meditating for about 25 years. Over the last 19 years he’s taught meditation at London University, the London Buddhist Centre, Northern Cyprus, Wales, Ankara, Mengen and Istanbul. Also he’s given 15 presentations at Bilgi University on the physiological and psychological benefits of meditation practice. Furthermore, since 2009 he’s been Turkey’s only “BREATHWORKS” mindfulness trainer. “BREATHWORKS” courses help people living with pain, illness and stress.

To make a resevarvation for the evening send an email to Vajracaksu at Vajracaksu2@gmail.com
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