quitting life and setting out Kerouac style to tackle the U.S. no schedule, no time frame...

Organized by Ricky Herbert
Hey CS cats,

*disclaimer: may or may not be going through my Saturn Returns midlife crisis at 28.

I'm Ricky. I live in San Francisco but am getting out. Back on the road. I'm going to buy a car or van or something and set out with no plan, no schedule...

Could be 6 months could be 60 years. Gonna pick up jobs along the way and play a lot of poker to make ends meet. May travel the carnival, festival, and market scene selling books and random trinkets like buddha statues, anklets, and rocks with special powers. :)

Willing to share the journey... or parts of the journey... with other wanderlust boys and girls who want to savor the moment and Live for Now.

I did a 16-month, 23-country worldwide tour a couple years ago and I'm itching to travel the motherland. I've seen a lot of the U.S. but much uncharted waters, people, and adventures still need to be tapped.

You must be very relaxed, fun loving, smart, funny, and interested in life and the universe and your place in it to join the party. :)

If you read, write, drink, ponder, question, laugh, soar, cry, listen, talk, and eat like it's your job then we'll probably get on swell. If you play poker or pool or bowling then that's also a plus. If you are a true eclectic and don't smoke then you must message me now.

If you are reading this and you are somewhere in the U.S. and you want me to pay a visit, let me know. Especially if you have a couch or epic story to tell.

Also, if you have connections - whether they be jobs, underground scenes, places to stay, people with stories to tell or talents to unleash... then please send 'em my way!

Keep on kickin' kids.

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