ReadingGroup: Discussion of texts (short stories, freely available)

Organized by Jannes Riem.
Just join us in a private space (bring snacks, drinks, if you like) to discuss texts that you read BEFORE (we will not read out entire short stories).
Join our FB-Group if you like to see what text we are reading ( or write me a pm.

Please write me a PM if you like to join. Then I can send you the address.

So far we read: Nietzsche, Kafka, Gogol, Poe, Isherwood, J.D. Salinger... but also went to the theatre and nightclubs (we are not so boring after all ;))

The idea is to make then idea if such a reading group easier by having short stories that are available online.

It is a group with mostly 5 people attending.

Again, just text me if you like to join!
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