Reggaeton, Reggae, and Booty Shaing Music @ Dolores Park

Organized by Freddy Coronado
To all you Caribbean-loving CSrs

I will be having a party at Dolores Park this Sunday. It's nice weather, so why not have a bikini, undie, minimal clothing party?

We will be playing Reggaeton music from PR, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Rep, u name it! of course with some chill reggae around 4:20 ;) followed by some elektro house.

lOOK FOR the Sign @ Gay Beach part of Dolores Park (20th n Church) this is a gender free space. Girls, boys, straight or curved are all welcome.

I'll be bringing some booze, bubble machine, and even some food. More would be appreciated!
Dont be shy and come and socialize with the bootylicious people of SF ;)

questions, comments, concerns, inbox meh!! ;)
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