Regular morning city discovery

Organized by Olga Shirobokova
Dear friends,

I have been in Vienna for several months already but I still know so little about the town. I have recently discovered several interesting books and resources providing interesting info on the city center and off the tourist route places. And my decision is to finally start discovering the town.

However, in the evenings there is always something else to do and moreover, it is too crowded in the city center in this time of the day. So why not to start my city discoveries early in the morning and try to make them regular (at least once a week).

To add the element of discipline and fun to it, I thought it would be great to have someone else joining me :). I need a kick or these discoveries will be postponed forever.

So my offer is: let's meet before work at 7.30 am on Tuesday (eventually, day and time are subjects to negotiation) near Stephansdom and have a nice one-hour walk around the hidden corners of city center, then have a cup of coffee, and fully energized go to work!!! (of course the offer is valid for those with late start of the working day or with flexible schedules)

As for the content of our morning excursions, I suggest that we make them crowd-sourced. Meaning that everybody who participates will have to prepare some bit of information. The resources for it are endless:
great books that I found (find them in the libraries or make copies from mine) -
= Vienna Downtown Walking Tours by Henriette Mandl (old school funny book with many legends)
= Only in Vienna by Duncan Smith
= WIttgenstein's Vienna by Allan Janik and Stephen Toulmin
= this website
= many-many other sources.

So who is in? :)
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    Still planning to do this tomorrow?
    yes. Would You like to join me?
    Our tradition has successfully started :)
    we have walked this morning with a friend of mine not far from Stephansdom and discovered the following sites and streets - Deutsches Haus, Singerstrasse, Blutgasse, Domgasse,Gronangergasse, Franziskanerplatz. We have then had a nice coffee in cafe Diglas. Next time we would like to finish this route starting from Franziskanerplatz to Ballgasse, Rauhensteingasse, Himmelpfortgasse, Seilerstrasse, Johannesgasse, Annagasse, Kaerntnerstrasse, Neuer Markt, and back to Stephansdom. DOn't know yet which cafe will be our next destination.

    We have split the information about these streets (from the books Vienna walking tours) between the two of us with my friend. If anybody want to join - You are welcome to find additional information online or in other books. We can also send You the scanned version of this chapter from the book.

    We are also thinking of moving this traditional excursion from Tuesday morning to Monday morning because some potential participants cannot join us on Tuesday. If You have something to say a about it, do so :)

    See You next week!
    For the next two weeks, either day is fine. However, after that, only Tuesdays work for me.
    so let's transfer it to Monday for the future two weeks then :)

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