Rio Water Planet Park

Organized by Junior Wine
Hello guys, the event is opened to everyone who wants to join ofccourse, at 30/november, it's a saturday.
The Water Park open around 10:00AM and close at 5:00PM, then we most meet early or we won't enjoy whole the day, even because we need to go there to take the tickets before anything.

There are some closets to keep the things safe, like documents, cam, phones, bags etc... but you have to pay, also can share with someone who you want, the last time I was there the price was R$20,00.
So I advice you hardly to take just what you really need.
There are also some restaurants and fast food for have a lunch, and you can't go to inside the park with food/drink(unfortunately), but if you are smart and hide a cookie between a towel "maybe" they won't notice. ;)

So, here is the details... The price to go inside isn't the same for us as for other people, we know a partner of the park and she sell it cheapest for us:


Then if you want to go, let me know please, so can I ask her to save the ticket.

IMPORTANT: The original price is R$120, then it's really important to say that you want to join, i mean, to confirm, because if you just appear there and don't say nothing here, she won't be advised to save a ticket for you. The same worth for who is going and taking friends with you, let me know how many friends you'll bring.
(Address: Estrada dos Bandeirantes, 24.000
Vargem Grande - RJ)

For who still don't know Water Planet:


So, my contact is +55 21 9 76590939( also Can send me a whatsapp anytime you want)


So, the meeting gonna be at Riocentro 8:30am(We'll be waiting a bit for who get late)

Meeting address:
Avenida Salvador Allende, 6555 - Barra da Tijuca - (Riocentro)

If you don't know where Riocentro is, so here is some tips, the bus you have to take:

-Santa Teresa (352)
-Barra da Tijuca (806)
-Terminal Alvorada (832)
-Praça XV - Riocentro (268)
-Castelo - Taquara (332)
-Cascadura - Riocentro (763)
-Cascadura - Riocentro (757)

But, if you prefer go by metro, you have two choises, first and faster one is going to Siqueira Campos and then get the bus in front of the station named Barra da Tijuca, or you can go to Del Castilho/ Nova América Station and get the 613.

I'm just explaining the meeting place, but if you want to go directly to the park, thats ok.



My number is: +55 9 76590939

Also can contact my friend Raphael: +55 21 9 86636238



Now I need to ask you your whole name(and your friend name if you are bringing any) to put on the list, I'll post the list of the names here on the coments, then can you check if your name and your friends names are on the list.

Just put your name(and friend if bringing any) here on the coments, or sent me by inbox message or send me by whatsapp(+55 21 9 76590939).

If there is still any doubt about the event, feel free to contact me.

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