Road Trip NZ

Organized by Léa Jeanneau
Hi !
I'll arrive in Christchurch on the 7th of April until the 22th of April. I don't have plan. I would like to find people to travel with around the South Island. I won't have time to see the North Island as I'm staying only two weeks... :(
I think the best way to see much as possible is to rent a car or a van so if you are interested, let me know !
Can't wait to hear from you !
See ya'all !
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    Hi Lea, I'm arriving in Christchurch on the 4th of April. I'm traveling alone and would love to meet up with you to see if we can travel together.
    Hey !
    Yeah that would be great to catch up ! I'll arrive in Christchurch at 4am on Sunday. Where are you staying ?
    Hey Lea, i arrive on the same day. And i have no plan too! At the moment i am in Sydney, from here i fly to christchurch. In Australia i was hitchhiking most of the time but in new zealand i want to have the campervan experience. Hoping to here from you!
    hey Lea, I just arrived a week ago in CH. I'm interested of travelling around the South Island. Where are you from..

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