Robot Restaurant Halloween Party...! ロボレス貸切ハロウィーンバージョン☆★

Organized by hanae Shiga
Robot restaurant private show & party, super Halloween version...!
Put on your costume and have absolutely amazing time!!! 100 people expected!
This is my second time holding Robo Party. See what it was like last time?

-Robot Restaurant is, no-words-can-describe, mind-blowing, everyone's-happy show performing restaurant. No visits to Tokyo complete without Robo-Restaurant. You will have to check it out anyways, so might as well do it in a awesome setting.
More than 100 ppl are expected to come, both Japanese and Non-Japanese. Great opportunity to make friends!!!

Fee: 6,500 yen
Time: 10/26 (sat)14:15 to 17:30
Includes: Everything...(Show, all you can drink for 2.5hours and food)
Booking: "Going" on Facebook event!

These are the reasons why you wanna come with us!

You pay 5,000 yen and watch the show for 1 hour. Get small lunch box and a tea.

With us....
You pay 6,500 yen and get your early drink on as soon as you arrive the venue, watch the show for 1 hour, take pics with the robots and the dancers (most exciting part...?) then food and more drinks will b provided after the show for 1 more hour...

Usually costumes aren't allowed, but you CAN with us (but not a big wig...)

14:15 Arrive the Robo restaurant. It's HARD to find. There's no Eng sign instead a gigantic dinosours.

(Afraid of getting lost? Meet our stuff Jordan from Tokyo Gaijins in front of ALTA building across from the Shinjuku East Exit at 14:00

14:30 Check-in. Come early to get better seat and start your early drink!

15:00 Kanpai (かんぱい) (Toast!) and enjoy the show!

16:00 End of the show, we will take a group pic with the robots! Then group party in the super brand new crazy restaurant on the 3rd floor of the building for 1 hour with All-you-can-drink and buffet food!

17:00 Last Order

17:10 Closing note

17:30 By this time we will leave the venue.

★Also, if you've seen the show but just wanna join for the party, it's OK too! The cost is not decided yet but shouldn't be more than 3,000 yen. This will b updated soon :)
Don't know what Robo Restaurant is...?
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    That's alright we can meetup at the Shinjuku station and go to the robo restaurant together :))
    Afraid of getting lost? Find Jordan from the Tokyo Gaijins in front of the ALTA building across from the JR Shinjuku East Exit entrance at 14:00!

    Also, "Going" on the Facebook event page please :)
    Hmm u mean our group party after the show? It's included to the price and food and drink will b served. If u mean what happens after 5:30 when everything ends, I'll take peeps to a big Halloween party in Aoyama :)

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