Run Montreal! Weekly Running Group

Organized by Elizabeth P Morgan
This run is held EVERY Saturday morning at Mont Royal Park. We meet at 10h00 and linger until 10h15 to ensure any latecomers can join.
We loop the Olmstead Trail, which is 7 miles (11.26 km), and takes about 1 hr - 1 hr 15 min, depending on the pace of who's attending the run.

See route:

FREE parking on avenue Duluth O. See map:

Meeting point is in front of the statue. We run no matter the weather--sun, rain, wind, snow--you name it, we'll be there!

**As always, if you wish to drop me a line about whether you're coming or not, late, miss me, etc., send me an SMS on Saturday morning. 514.441.9729

Please, please, please click the "Join" button if you will run with us, it helps me look out for you, especially if you are new. Or, follow our group and get your exercise vicariously through those who do run.

I hope to see some new faces!

Join my 1000-mile challenge Facebook page! "1000 miles for the Cure":
The goal isn't to cure cancer, it's actually about killing apathy and laziness. :)
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