Sai Kung Geopark Hike - Chek Keng Adventure

Organized by Samuel Cheng
Summer is in final countdown! As the weather is becoming cooler and cooler, we do not expect to have this kind of hiking-and-beach event in November. So let's treat this as the last gasp of summer hiking in 2013! In November we are gonna hit the red leaves hiking trails!

Be warned! This will be a random hiking like the one we did in Kowloon Reservoir! We only have rough plan and will surely improvise a lot!

Rough plan:
We will meet at Diamond Hill station at 9am. Take a bus to Chek Keng. Start hiking there. It should only take less than 1 hour to hike from Chek Keng to Chek Keng Pier. Then we will head to Tai Wan (a beach) with no more than another 1 hour of hiking. We will decide whether to go further or not at the beach.

↑ the green dot line is our tentative route. (Don't mind the red line)

What to bring:
1. Water
2. Snacks
3. Proper shoes for hiking
4. Swimsuit
5. Beach mat
6. Badass camera

Diamond Hill station - 9am

***Expect to hike no more than 3-5 hours in total***

Please friend me on fb at if you are interested,
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