Samhain / Remember (Ritual and Drum Circle)

Organized by Kit Kraft
Samhain / Remember (Ritual and Drum Circle)

Date: Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our celebrations consist of 2 parts. First there is a drum circle from 7 until 8

(, and then a participatory ritual from 8

to 10 ( You can go to one, the other, or both.

People can come and go as they please for the drum circle, but we hope that

people will arrive for the ritual by 8 and stay until the end.

Time: Doors open for the drum circle at 7pm; people may come and go as they

please. The ritual starts at 8 pm.

Once the ritual starts, if you must arrive late, please enter quietly and wait

to be let into the circle.

Location: The beautiful MIT Chapel, on the MIT campus in Cambridge, MA at Mass Ave & Amherst St., MIT Building W15 (

Price: Free, but suggested donated of $5.

Samhain (pronounced SOW-in) is the Celtic New Year -- a celebration of the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter. Samhain is when we say our

good-byes to those who have died and to things that have ended. It is a time to

acknowledge endings and to look forward to new beginnings.

Participants are invited to bring burnable tokens of remembrance of those who

have gone before. There will be a place in the ritual to leave these; they will

be ritually burned and buried by the Priestess and Priest after the circle.

In February, our seed lay dormant. In March, we planted it with intention and

saw it sprout. In May, our dreams started to take on physical form. In June,

our energies reached their pinnacle and we stood midway between planting and harvesting. In August, we had the First Harvest and gave thanks for the Earth's bounty and the sacrifice of the spirit of the grain. On the Equinox, we had our second harvest and shared our bounty in thanks and preparation for the coming darkness.

Now we enter the dark half of the year and commune with those who've gone before

for protection and guidance.

This is an open public ritual. It is intended both for those curious about

Paganism and for practicing Pagans. All participants are equally welcome.

This event is drug and alcohol free.

Live music provided by Martin Case and the Lee (

Website: , , ,






The MIT Chapel (W15) ( is the cylindrical building with an odd spiky thing on top near the MIT Student Center. Get to 77 Mass. Ave. on the side opposite the MIT entrance with the pillars and walk west, away from the pillars, towards dorm row -- the chapel will be on your left. If you get to

Kresge Auditorium (the building that looks as if you could ski off it), you've

gone too far. If you notice a large inflatable grub-like thingy to your left,

you have definitely gone much too far.

Parking is available in the Chapel Turnaround: "Parks 20 cars and is for use

with Chapel events. Turnaround is located on Amherst Street just after the

Chapel." (

Future events:

12/7, Yule / Begin
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