San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival!

Organized by Marian Schembari
The annual San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival is the world’s largest human-powered mobile music festival.

The festival officially goes from 12:00pm - 9:00pm. After five hours in the park, the entire event packs up and sets off on a bicycle music parade through the city.

The tour eventually lands in the Mission for a 3-hour nighttime concert.

I plan on heading over around 3pm (with or without bike, I haven't decided yet) to hang out in the park for a bit, then follow the caravan as they roll through the city! I've never been to this event before (but doesn't it sound AWESOME?) so not sure how crowded it is or where is a good place to meet... So how about we meet at the corner of Transverse and John F Kennedy Drive at 3pm? I'll be sure to bring a Couchsurfing banner or tshirt so I'm easy to spot!

If you want a contact number to reach me at, send me a private message and I'll send it through.
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