Saturday squat visits TOUR in the east village!

Organized by HAJI
Dear friends and visitors to NYC,

Did you know that the Lower East Side has the highest concentration of community gardens and squats of any neighborhood in the USA?

The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS) is a new museum dedicated to preserving the history and promoting the scholarship of grassroots urban space activism. Inside our volunteer-run museum on Ave C you'll find a wealth of interesting information and archives about the lower east side, gentrification and community resilience!

Join us on Saturday for a walking tour of the legendary tenement buildings, Tompkins Square Park, the first community-based recycling center, the Christodora House (the symbol of gentrification), and vibrant community gardens! The tour is led by local activists with a wealth of intimate knowledge about the neighborhood. All tours start at the museum at 155 Ave C and cost $20. The museum is non-profit and all proceeds and donations go back towards museum rent and community projects that MoRUS engages in. These grassroots tours offer an intimate glance that cannot be experienced through a guide book tour...

See the website for videos and more info


see you @ MoRUS
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