Scuba diving on the weekends on Ilha Grande and Angra dos Reis

Organized by Patricia Bastos
Guys every weekend I go to some place in Angra and Ilha Grande to do scuba diving but going alone is not so fun so I am inviting the CSs to go with me :) In my car I have 4 spots and I can give you a ride for free because I´m already going anyway. WE ARE GOING ON SATURDAY EARLY MORNING AND WE´LL BE BACK AT THE END OF THE DAY.
The water is amazing for those who never did it before the first dive we call baptism and costs R$250,00 (boat trip + 1 tank with one instructor on your side all the time+ snacks & drinks non alcoholic+ all equipement and suit included) for those who have PADI the dive is R$160,00 (boat trip + 2 tanks + snacks & drinks non alcoholic) and to rent the suit and the mask R$25 and the equipment R$ 50,00 so to rent everything like I do is R$ 235,00
Who wants to join me???
PS: People who really wanna go send me inbox message to confirm because I have to book our dives on the Padi Resort and see the spots avaiable in my car to organize everything :) thanks
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