Selatan Weekly Wednesday Night Meet-up

Organized by Fritztastic
The Weekly Wednesday Night Gathering is Jakarta's premier Couchsurfing event.

1) The event is open to everyone...newbies, travelers, veteran couchsurfers all are welcome. Its a very friendly group.

2) It is also very informal. There is no program. Nongkrong, with friends new and old.

3) Even though its held at a bar, you don't have to drink alcohol. Many people who attend don't drink; you won't be alone.

3b) That said, many people do drink at the event, and the drink promosi starting at 10pm is outstanding.

4) You are welcome to bring anyone; this is a public event. So bring your co-workers, cousins, friends, etc., even if they're not in CS.

5) The event runs all night, from 730pm until 1am. Some people show up after work, others arrive closer to ten for the drink promosi.

6) Dress code: wear whatever you like. Some people come straight from work, and wear their work clothes. Others dress up like they're going to a club. Plenty of people just wear a t-shirt, shorts and sandals.

7) We always have the back three tables reserved. When you arrive, just head to the back of the bar, and the tables against the wall are us. You can also ask the waitstaff; just ask for CS or Fritz. The staff is great and will show you where we are.

8) Sometimes the gatherings are small and intimate, with around 30 people. Other times, there are over 100 people and its a party atmosphere. Each week is different, and there's no way to tell in advance what kind of night lies ahead. From the people, to the conversation topics, to the gossip, each week is a unique experience.

9) Be friendly. That is the only rule. Everyone remembers the first time they came, and how nervous they were about meeting new people. CS is a very supportive, fun, engaging group. Introduce yourself. Smile. You'll fit right in.

10) While there is no program, since CS is a traveler's website, the main conversation topic is traveling. Talk about trips you want to take, share tips about where you've been, show photos you've taken. The one common thread for everyone in CS is their love of traveling.

FInally, have fun. The Weekly Wednesday event is about fun.

On Wednesday nights all over the world, there is a CS gathering. Whether you're in Singapore, Dubai or London, there is a weekly Wednesday night gathering. And this is Jakarta's version.

Our gathering is always held at:

Beer Garden Kemang
Jalan Benda No. 7, Kemang Selatan
Tel: (+62) 21 789 1145

Sampai jumpa!
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