Senseless open mic!

Organized by Shay Ofer
FB event:

On Saturday evening, 11th of May, 20:00, an “open mic” event will be held on the 1st floor of the ARTtraktive building.

Each band/musician will get to play about 3 songs/15 minute set (depending on how many bands sign up, we will notify everyone in case of any change of plans).

There are no limitations concerning musical genre: any genre is welcome, from acoustic/singer-songwriter to rock, metal, punk, Drum’n’bass, funk, jazz, blues, or whatever you feel like.

“Right-winged” bands will not be tolerated, and will not be allowed to play.

We will provide:

- a PA system + microphones.
- a drumkit.
- guitar and bass amps.

to sign up send us a message containing:

-- Band name
-- Instruments
-- Genre
-- Email address

- Any band/musician that has special needs in terms of equipment should contact us and we will try to find a solution for your needs.

- The in-house kiosk will take care of the food and drinks. a grill is in the plan!

- The event is NOT limited to ARTtraktive clients. any band or musician that wants to play is more than welcome to sign up!

- bands/musicians who show up at the event without signing up are not guaranteed to play.

- Bands who will book the studio on the day of the event will recieve 20% off for any service.

For any questions, information or online registration, you may contact us under or the Senseless Studio Facebook group.

And last but not least, everyone is invited!
Invite your friends, invite your family, invite your dogs, invite your friends dogs and whoever you feel like, and let’s have a good time!
(...and don’t forget to register)

Senseless Studio
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