small | world | ART | exhibition

Organized by AFFRIC
Travelling without moving!

small | world | ART | exhibition opening on 11 th May, 2013, 11:00 a.m. at "Kubus EXPORT- Der transparente Raum", Lerchenfelder Gürtel, Bogen 48, Josefstädter Straße U6 /Uhlplatz, 1080 Vienna (Austria)

At the exhibition site visitors can choose postcards out of the project's selection of more than 3.000 blank postcards from all over the world. Everybody is encouraged to participate by sending these postcards away. For this purpose Österreichische Post provided us with 500 special issue stamps „VALIE EXPORT – SMART EXPORT“.

small | world | ART | project is a participatory art project.

In 1967 social psychologist Stanley Milgram discovered that on average all humans are connected with each other by only six degrees. Six degrees meaning that everybody is connected by six people to US-president Obama or to a chinese farmer.

The small | world | ART | project was playfully testing this thesis in reality and wanted to find out how far one can build up a network in a world society without moving on from home?
A novelty in the fine arts was the concept itself: The arising network results in a collective, globally imagined artwork. Hence this piece of art is neither static nor singular, but it is dynamic and multiple, because it consists of many parts that interconnect during the process of creation.

Participation as art concept

Participants were contacted via different social networks in order to encourage them to be part of this art project. In the sequel, people participated by sending one or more blank postcards in an envelope to an address in Vienna, Austria. Besides people were asked to add some extra information (name, nationality, eMail, contact person, is the postcard from their hometown?).

That's how we got to collect more than 3000 fascinating and sometimes rare postcards from all over the world! In our archive one can find postcards from small mountain villages in the Alps to the Sahara desert to postcards from Japanese mega cities. All of them were administrated and sorted. Finally, they got a small | world | ART | project -seal that labels them as part of the project.
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