Southern New Hampshire Brewers Festival

Organized by norm.g
The Southern New Hampshire Brewers Festival goal is to bring an eclectic, high quality group of brewers together for your enjoyment. From host White Birch Brewing's Belgian inspired beers, to a New Hampshire brewpub classic like Martha's Exchange, we'll have something for everyone. These breweries bring a passion to what they create and we are privileged to have them join us at our brewery to pour their beers for us all.

Combine great beer with great local food, bottled water, free parking, a collectors quality fest guide and glass all for one price and you've got the makings of a must attend event.

We've sold out with 750 people two years in a row. By adding a Friday session, more people will be able to attend and there will still be plenty room for everyone to enjoy. A second session also allows us to invite more breweries as some may be coming on just Friday or Saturday. Get your tickets ("" ) soon before it's sold out, again.
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