Organized by Chris Naylor
The Southport Big 3 is a 3 Events during the months of September and October the first event of the big 3 is the Southport airshow this is well worth a view for anyone remotely interested in aviation or just being blown away by the sound and speed of the Eurofighter!!

14/09/2013 - 15/09/2013
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Next up in the Big 3 is the annual international firework competition this impressive weekend of fireworks done to music is something to see unless your a person who puts there fingers in there ears when watching fireworks!!

05/10/13 - 06/10/13

And finally in the Big 3 is grab your laughing gear its the Southport comedy festival... this event is still waiting for the acts to sign up to it but it should be a laugh!

19/10/13 - 20/10/13

The plan is to camp over at a camp-site called the Riverside... I will provide more information on here regarding costs and the site facilities as soon as i know any more... What I do know its only 2 miles outside of Southport and there nearest camp-site i can find :)
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