Späti Crawl.... Friday, 05th, July 2013!!!

Organized by PABLO "Aka" CHARLIE
Ok... People of Berlin, Summer is here, so no more snow, bad weather or excuse to stay at home... where you are rich traveler, or a poor fancy dude... Join us for Späti Crawl... point is there several Späti with benches, where we can sit , get some bier, Wine, or fancy Hipster drinks and enjoy the great urban outdoors of Berlin...and obviously interact with each other, have some nice conversation!!
So... we going to explore many around Berlin.. and each week is in a different district around the city.
Join me... for a very very nice a awesome Berlin Tradition!! :)

What is a Späit? You find an explanation here: http://travelsofadam.com/2012/04/an-ode-to-the-berlin-spaeti/
This time we get together around Moritzplat, U-bahn 8... Walking a long Oranienstraße... Following a route towards... Kotti or perhaps, Golitzer...

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