Stand-Up at M Bar (in M Montreal Hostel)

Organized by Jon Selig
Traveller-friendly stand-up comedy in Montreal's sexiest hostel bar happens EVERY Thursday!

Seriously: Montreal's top comics and up- and-comers hop on stage to make you, hostel guests, and locals laugh - hard. It's a different group of comics every week. Out-of-town guests also stop in to perform. Just for Laughs' alumni, club headliners, rising stars all pass by this stage. We have a BLAST.

The show is "pay-what-you-can". Pitchers of Sleeman are $11 (!!!) and shooters are $4.

If you "like" the FB fan page, you can received the weekly invite, see who's performing.

Hope to see you! Showtime's around 9pm. 1245 St. Andre (below St. Catherine, metro Berri-UQAM). There's even free parking behind the hostel!

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    Come see the last chapter in our highly unofficial & extremely coincidental "Toronto Headliners Series"! Also, some special guests visiting from the town that we all love to make fun of (but of which we are simultaneously jealous).

    Quinn C. Martin's this week's big dog. His material & stage presence MAY tear up your innards. If you don't have medicare, you'll be screwed. Risk it though!

    John St. Godard's gonna host this one. He's like that high school teacher who you suspected of being cool, and kinda is (a high school teacher, that is)! Cool or not, he's FUNNY and he will be your guide on this voyage to hilarity!

    Also performing this week:

    Emma Wilkie!
    Brad MacDonald!
    DK Phan (in from TO)!
    Shawn Stenhouse!
    Jess Demers!
    & Amber Harper-Young from TO!

    How much does all this hilarity & mirth cost? Pay-Us-What-You-Can!!! Seriously. $5 would be nice though.

    $11 pitchers of Sleeman, $4 shots, $4.50 pints of Sleeman.

    It all happens 9:15-ishpm, Thursday, April 11 at M Bar, in the basement of M Montreal Hostel (1245 St. Andre, below St. Catherine, Berri-UQAM metro).

    Please enter via the door on the back left of the hostel that has a big "M" on it.

    Parking in the back of the hostel is included!

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