stand up comedy in french

Organized by Henry-David Cohen
Hi! This info will only interest those of you who speak french: I am an actor and comedian from Paris, and this week I am in NYC to perform (in french) the stand up comedy show that I do every week in Paris. It is about my travels around the world. I'd be very happy if some of you guys come and see the show and share a drink right after. The price is only 10$ if u book online and then buying drinks is not required.
There are 2 shows, both at the famous Stand up NY comedy club:
wed feb 19th at 9:30 pm
fri 21st at 9 pm

Please book here:

Here is a short description of the show:

FRENCH: Henry-David a fait le tour du monde pendant 15 mois. C'est ce qu'il raconte avec audace, impertinence et énergie!
Dans son stand up original qui fait salle comble en France, espiègle et hilarant, il vous fait voyager des bus bondés d'Afrique aux clubs de zouk chinois, de Porto-Rico au Japon, des nuits chaudes d'Amérique latine aux compagnies aériennes rasta des Caraïbes!

Metteur en scène: Arnaud Gidoin
Musique: Marco Prince

ENGLISH: Henry-David has backpacked all around the world and is now doing this successfull stand up comedy show about his travels, sold out every week in France. With irreverence and energy, he will take you from the overpacked african buses to Japan, from the sexy carribean nights to the smoky rastafari airlines, with a little hook through his hometown, Paris. Get ready for a sexy, hilarious and crazy journey!
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