Step and Turffing Dance Competitions

Organized by Safiya Bird
I discovered two separate dancing competitions on the same day, this Saturday in Oakland. One is a Step/Stomp dance competition at Oakland High School 8am-8pm. The other is a Turffing dance competition at New Parish 1:30pm-7pm. I plan on hitting up the Step Competition for a few hours from 11am-1pm, then heading over to the Turffing Competition 1:30pm-3:30/4pm. Feel free to stay at either even as long as you'd like. Maybe we could grab some dinner nearby downtown Oakland whenever we decide to leave?

I used to be on a Step team in high school and miss it, so I figure this would be the best way for me to get back into the dance scene. Plus, it is bound to be entertaining.

Tickets can be purchased in advanced or at each competition:

Message me, and I will send my phone number.

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