Student Art Exhibition, Performances, Soiree in Montemartre - Free

Organized by Mina Fung
Hi everyone,

I actually dont know if I can make it to this event but I thought I'd post it because I think it sounds really cool and others may want to participate. It's the closing party for the Ici et Demain student art festival at a place called La Machine du Moulin Rouge. Never been there but the name is amazing. There will be exhibits, a circus act, a dance performance, rock concert, and DJ set.

The website says free, just show up.

If I'm there I will be the shortest asian girl with glasses and a yellow beanie hat.
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    Sounds great! Maybe I'll make it.
    Do you want to go there together?
    Hey Macky, I'm walking up from the Louvre area right now which is not what people normally do I guess but you are welcome to join. I dont have a phone though. Just wifi. I'll stop by the apple store around opera to check mail again I guess. I think it will be more feasible to just meet there. I hope the place is obvious.
    Okay! Let´s stay in touch!
    Cool I should be there in less than an hour and remember- shortest nerdy Asian girl with yellow beanie which may be in my hand.

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