Summer picnic!

Organized by Will McPaws
*Note: this event will be cancelled if it's looking like rain on the day.

Hey guys!

Now that it's summer, let's have a picnic in the botanic gardens!

It's easy to get to from pretty much anywhere. Let's meet at Princes Lawn in the gardens (head east for 5 minutes from the Shrine of Remembrance to the Botanic Gardens, find F gate on your right, then Princes Lawn is just nearby. There's a map inside F gate).

If you're coming later we'll be sitting about here.

-37.830776, 144.979603

Bring some food to share and anything you'd like to drink - you're allowed to drink in the gardens :) And you can bring your dog too!

Then there's another CS event on Sunday evening (bowling and laser tag) which we can migrate to afterwards.
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