Sunday Evening Documentary - Constable and Major Hussar (2010)

Organized by Máté Toth
Hello, hello,

this sunday it's a hungarian portrait-film about two facing exfriends/dinasties in the tourism industry. One had become a millionaire but what was the price? Ethics, jousting, hussars and more action next to the fort of Sumeg. Maybe it's not enough so the director is kidnapped and released only for an open discussion after the screenings. hmhm.

Screening starts at 8pm in iskola (1061 Hegedu u. 3.), first door on the right. The screening is free, come as you are and have a good time!

ps: Balazs is the usual creator I've just stepped in today, link to the group:


Petrik András: Végváriak
hungarian documentary, 74 min, 2010, hungarian language, english subtitle

A story about two businessmen ex-friends who started their business in tourism together after the changes in 1989. Today they are distant neighbors at Sumeg, a small town close to the Lake Balaton in West-Hungary with a former medieval fortress.
Two men. Two families. Two dinasties. Constable and Major Husar, tilting match in costumes, Husar passing-out, and the only place for coursing in Hungary. Hungarian Disneyland on the move.


After the screening our guest will be Andras Petrik, studied history and geography in Budapest, after which he worked for 3 years as cinematographer in documentaries. In 2001 he was accepted as a cinematographer student at the German Film- and Television Academy, Berlin.
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