Sunday South Bay Meetup

Organized by Raymond Massa
UPDATE: There is a good chance I will take off for a surf roadtrip down south for Thanksgiving. It's up in the air if i'll be back in time for this. PM if you intend to show. Numbers will effect my decision. Check in on this event on Saturday. If I cancel it, i'll do it then.

And if anyone wants to join me on a roadtrip south, PM me as well.

I'm trying my hand at making a monthly meetup in the South Bay. I'm thinking of either making it the last Sunday of the month, or the first Sunday of the month. So, I think i'll do both this time and see what kind of response i get.

The place:
The Fish Bar!
Back in the time of the thursday weekly bar meet ups, I brought the LA CS group out here. It's my favorite local bar, and I probably spend too much time here. The food is tasty, the drinks are good and the staff is super friendly.

Here is the yelp site where you can check write ups:

3801 Highland Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Neighborhood: Manhattan Beach
(310) 796-0200

Here's my thought on the day. I will probably try and start with a surf session in the morning. (fingers crossed the waves cooperate) sometime close to 6:00am and stay in the water till about 8:30am.

I'll cruise up to the Fishbar for brunch and hopefully meet some new faces in the CS community. You'll probably see me sitting at the bar talking with whoever is on duty.

Join me here for a few hours, so food and drinks. Then if there is enough interest, (and waves) might head back out into the water with anyone that is interested, or waves lacking down to the beach for other potential beach adventures.

You can rent surfboards and Wetsuits across the way at the El Porto Surf Shop from 10am - 6pm

For those of you who have always wanted to learn to surf, this could be a place to start. Might be nice to have a weekly/month crew that surfs together as a result.....

Plus not a bad way to start off the new week, by washing off your debaucheries from the weekend in the ocean after..... ;)

Click HERE for the companion event the previous Sunday:

Feel free to contribute your thoughts on the matter.

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