Sushi making with Yukata

Organized by Naoya Morishita
-Holiday event-

Do you love Japan?
I'd like you to experience Japanese culture.
Sushi-making is really interesting. Can you believe you can make tasty sushi by yourself?

-What you can experience in the event-
・Wear Yukata, Japanese traditional clothes
・Learn Japanese letters
・Learn how to use chopsticks
・Learn Japanese phrases
・Learn sushi jargon
・Learn how to make Kazari-maki
・Learn how to make Gunkan-maki
・Learn how to make Nigiri-sushi

The fee is only 3,000 yen.

I will prepare everything for you so you don't have to bring anything.

Of course, Japanese people can join the event. Let's enjoy sushi making.

Feel Japan! Enjoy Japan!
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