Organized by Christian Wohlmutter

I`m looking for trainingspartners or just simple for people who like to swim, bike or/and run and want to move their ass and have fun :D

I always swim at the Kongressbad (in the morning from about 9-10, because in the afternoon you don`t have chance to swim there :D ) or open water in the Alte Donau.

Bike around Vienna,mostly to NW for hilly terrain (direction Tulln for example) or SE for flat terrain.

Run at the Lobau (it`s great to run there..nice air, flat, soft ground, sometimes animals :) ) or around Schwarzenbergpark for hilly terrain.

My idea is to make some "trainingscamp days": for example swim somewhere,then relaxing,chilling,sunbathing,eating, and in the afternoon going to the lobau and make there a run,with technik training.

I have a lot of experiences about these sports (I won 2x the Austrian and 2x the hungarian Ironman 70.3 Championships in the U23 and I`ve been at the world champs too) so if you want i can give you some tipps and tricks :)

The difficult thing in the group trainings is,that everybody have a different pace. But my experience is,that it`s funny too,if we start together,then maybe some people go faster, other people go slowlier, but at the end we meet again and are stretching together and have fun.

So it doesn`t matter how good you are, or why do you want to swim/bike/run, important is just to have fun and spend a great time together :)

P.S. if you don`t want to train together, but you want to hear some tipps then don`t hesitate to write me, I`m always happy about questions :) If you`ve a goal we can talk about how to reach it, too (of course for free..)

I hope that we`ll be a big group with time :)
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