250th Regular Istanbul CS Meeting, Wed -Taxsim.

Organized by ReloadedInfinite
We invite you to join us on Wednesday at 08:30 p.m in Taxsim. We already have a reservation.

Since this week there will be long holidays in Turkey, So we will be celebrating our completion of 250 meetings after 2 weeks, which means on 252th meeting we will have mega celebrations.

Regular meetings happen every Wednesday, One week in Asian side & other week in European side.

This page is for European side TAKSIM regular meetings of 2013.

Let's show this spirit again & lets meet this week again in Taxsim & share your stories & travelling experience. We invite all Travellers and all New & Old C'Sfrs members to come enjoy the meet and connect with fellow C'Sfrs.

Istanbul Regulars are the world's largest regular meetings. Where last year This 200th meeting + Halloween Party made a word record in the CS history with almost 1000 people registered ever in any regular meeting.

Which was acknowledge by the CS head office & also by printing it on the CS magazine - You can read here below


( Regular meetings are the meeting of the local community, where they meet each other to know the community people. Regular meetings are generally happening in the middle of the week in most of the active cities and groups in the world, keeping in mind that on weekend every one has their own plans. These meetings also helps the NEW MERBERS to understand what is couchsurfing all about. Definitely not a free accommodation. It is about learning different culture form different countries and from different people while hosting them. )



& PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO REGISTER for a date you are going to join.

Please read directions carefully. Address enclosed, map directions enclosed on the page below.

Invite your Guests and friends and let's share the CS spirit all together.

Hope to see you all!



Place = Rouge (about wine)

Address = ROUGE, Lamartin Caddesi 11/2, 34437 Taxsim, Istanbul

Directions = from Taksim Square

Way to "Rouge" from Taksim Square- updated on 25th june.

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